One little, two little, three little racists

Columnist Doug Cuthand, apologist for First Nations unaccountability and corruption, sees racist people.

Who are racist people? Why, anyone who disagrees with Doug Cuthand, that’s who.

Sun Media? Racist.

The National PostRacist.

(Actually, the entire media is racist, of course, but Sun News and the National Post are doubly racist.)

Ezra Levant? Lorne Gunter? Christie Blatchford? Racist racist racist.

The federal government? Racist.

Department of Aboriginal Affairs? Racist.

The Prime Minister’s Office? Racist.

Did you know a piece of legislation can be racist? You betcha!

Not children’s schoolbooks? Nope, they’re racist too.

The entire provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba too? Yup.

Canadians? Racist.

Society? Racist.

In fact, in my brief search, I found 17 separate accusations of racism in his columns, yet I couldn’t find anyone disagreeing with Cuthand on Aboriginal policy that he didn’t find racist.

I leave it to Cuthand to prove me wrong.

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