Letter to the Editor

This letter was submitted earlier today.

In the past couple of weeks, StarPhoenix readers have been treated with a spate of letters from known (though not selfidentified) NDP operatives, including Nettie Wiebe, David McGrane and Mitchell Anderson, indicating their support for changes in the federal constituency boundaries. These changes would introduce urban-only ridings to Saskatchewan.

Of course, NDP supporters believe that this would benefit their party by consolidating the urban vote and reducing the influx of rural (read: conservative) voters in urban ridings.

While this is an understandable position for the NDP to take strategically, one cannot help but catch the unstated, larger message: that the NDP have given up trying to win the hearts and minds of rural Canadians altogether. After all, it is much easier to jerry-rig electoral boundaries than it is to actually attempt to gain the support of rural Canada and capture polls outside city boundaries.

Perhaps this issue will serve as an historic marker as to when the NDP finally severed themselves from their rural CCF roots. How times have changed.

UPDATE: The letter was published, but among the edits was the removal of the term “operatives”, as if the three NDP operatives I had mentioned weren’t operators in the party. Mustn’t state the obvious, eh?

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