Friday Night Femme

When I can’t decide who to feature on my Friday Night Femme post, I always go to ol’ reliable: The Better Third. Actually, The Better Third isn’t that old or, at least, she’s not as old as tonight’s Femme.

Sofia Vegara is older than me and The Better Third combined, but for some darned reason, she’s way hotter than me too. She’s also got a 19-yeard-old son who had a lot of buddies wanting to sleep over while he was growing up, probably.

Below is an image of Sofia holding her boobs not entirely dissimilar to how Brooklyn Decker is holding her boobs in last week’s Femme feature. As she holds her boobs, she’s quietly saying, “LOOOK AT MEE HOLDEENG MY BOOBIES LIKE DE SEXEE LATINA WOMAN, YEEESSS?!”

Because, apparently, people with funny accents are even funnier when they shout all the time.

Works for me.

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