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Prudence Nonsense

Had some fun on the Twitter the other night during the Saskatoon City Council. The regular #yxecc Twitterers were out in full force, as usual, and were all a-flutter over the motion by Councillors Donauer and Heidt to sole-source the recycling for multi-family buildings to Cosmo Industries. (I know. This is what gets these guys off apparently.)

One of the regulars to this regular Twit-fest is our own Sean Shaw, candidate for our own city council’s ward 4 and our own recycling enthusiast. He’s been hostile toward Cosmo’s bids to stay in the city’s recycling game for some time — God knows why, maybe he wants Cosmo’s intellectually disadvantaged workforce to stay at home and do crafts or something — and he continued his attack the other night (with the following posts excerpted from the ongoing conversation):

Because recycling is such a prudent use of funds, right? I mean, instead of just dumping all our junk into one place, we will instead drive twice as many trucks to pick up the same junk and deliver some of it to that one place and the rest to other places. Makes sense to him.

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Green Math

Few things fill me with more mirth than seeing a Greenie try to develop a cost-benefit argument in favour of their beloved fantasies. Take Paul Hanley, the StarPhoenix‘s answer to David Suzuki without the charm: in two successive columns, Hanley provides a pitch-perfect illustration of how eco-fascists overplay the detriments of our evil addition to fossil fuels while playing up the benefits of “sustainable” development.

Demonstration of environmentalist considering all sides of the energy debate

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Petty Character Matters

It seems I got myself involved in a whole lot of hoofera in the local media in recent weeks. Let me explain.

Sean Shaw, who is running to be the councillor in Ward 4, admitted to the StarPhoenix that he had purchased the web domain names which could have been used by Troy Davies, his opponent in this fall’s election. Shaw apparently then had visitors to and re-directed to his own website. Nice, eh?

This prompted a flurry of activity ensued on Twitter during which some accused Shaw of essentially being a duplicitous little weasel. Which he was. Subsequently, Shaw was forced to apologize publicly to Davies (although his apology seems to have disappeared from his blog).

In the next day’s paper, the SP’s David Hutton reported about these shenanigans, how Shaw apologized, and quoted Councillor Darren Hill in a way that made it seem that he approved of these tactics:

The social media world was abuzz with talk of the tactic as dozens of people weighed in on Twitter – where Shaw is a prolific poster locally – Facebook and on talk radio.

Some felt it was good strategy while others said it was a dirty politics.

Coun. Darren Hill weighed in, saying it’s just good political strategy.

“It’s a tactic that a lot of campaigns use,” Hill said. “If you’re running you should’ve locked up your domain.”

Why did Hill comment on this story? He wasn’t mentioned in the initial article, and no one (outside of the Twitterverse) did either. Why not get a comment from the mayor or the city clerk? How about Myles Heidt, the current Ward 4 councillor who will step down this fall? Why was Hill the only sitting public official quoted for this story?

I’ll give you two reasons: because Hill is an already controversial figure linked to past indiscretions on the campaign trail; and he’s a self-absorbed narcissist who can’t help himself.

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