Letter to the Editor: Rusty’s Revenge

I’ve been gone so long, been gone so long, g-gone so long, I’ve been gone. Kids’ ‘ll do that to you. We can never find a time to sit down and blog. That, and I’ve been on the iPad/iPhone so much but the WordPress blogging platform apps are pretty crappy. This has resulted in my being a media consumer and not much of a media producer as of late.

Oh well. Excuses, excuses …

“Red” Rusty Chartier is a well-known hard-core socialist on the west side of Saskatoon. His prolific letter-writing to the StarPhoenix puts my efforts to shame, as does his politics.

Here’s his latest.

And here’s my response:

In his February 21 letter, Rusty Chartier points us toward a recent psychology study which “linked low intelligence, socially conservative beliefs and prejudice.” Of course, Chartier admits that these results do not mean “that all conservatives are dumb or that all liberals are smart.” How gracious of him, especially as he notes that he is “just happy being a socialist since 1933.”

Keep in mind, however, that socialists were responsible for some 150 million deaths worldwide in the last century. Socialist policies also resulted in economic stagnation and curtailing of freedoms whenever they were implemented, including here in Saskatchewan, which had been a “have-not” province for many years. In fact, it was only when the socialist New Democrats — due to public pressure — began scaling back their defeatist ideology that Saskatchewan began to turn around its backwater status.

If conservatives are marked by “low intelligence”, what does that say about socialists who continue to cling to their ideology despite reams of evidence of its consistently disastrous nature?

Incidentally, this study is just another bullshit way for academics to justify their exorbitant tuition fees in order to credentialize prospective members of the upper-middle class. However, at least it gave me another opportunity to bash dyed-in-the-wool socialists in a public forum.

Because they deserve it.

UPDATE: My letter was published in record time. This one prompted a few emails and even a phone call in support. Good.

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