Friday Night Femme

The Better Third and I went out and caught Young Adult on New Year’s Eve at the cheap(er) theatres. A very good movie, we enjoyed it a lot more than the sarcastic hipster darling Juno, the last outing for the Jason ReitmanDiablo Cody collaboration, and it was more entertaining than Reitman’s achingly dull Up in the Air.

The hot, beautiful and talented Charlize Theron deserves the bulk of the credit for the final outcome of the film. She was able to walk the fine line between various stages of bitch, slut, cutie, psycho, and other Hollywood stereotypes. She was absolutely gorgeous in the film but still came across as an ugly, ugly person. That’s tough to do. I can’t imagine another actress pulling this off.

An Oscar nomination should be on its way.

Without further ado, here’s Charlize.

Patton Oswalt was also very good in the film, but I’m not going to post his photo. Look it up yourself, pervert.

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