This is why no one likes consevatives


Yes, it’s a Muppet movie – farcical and silly. But how sadly predictable that the villain is the perennial bogeyman of liberal environmentalists, and how sadly telling that the writers politicized a children’s movie. Again.

Yes, it is a Muppet movie. A bear tells bad jokes. Frog and pig are man and wife. A “gonzo” sleeps with chickens. Who gives a rat’s ass?

I used to work in the oil industry, and now I’m in the nuclear industry. My business is the baddest business to be in in show business. And you know what? The best lesson I learned in this business is if I don’t like how people talk about my business, I should find myself another business to be in.

I like my job and I’m proud of my industry. If someone is persuaded by the evil oil tycoon caricature then, frankly, I’d rather that idiot be an enemy of industry than on my side of things.

The Muppet Show movie is awesome. Go see it and enjoy in its awesomenessatiousness.

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