The Perilous Peter Prebble and his Perilous Plan

The NDP’s green energy plan to supply half of Saskatchewan’s energy from renewable sources is as dangerous as it is useless. They want to follow their ideological counterparts from around the world in both developing an uneconomic renewable energy policy and neglecting to acknowledge the actual costs from such schemes with respect to their meager benefits.

In Spain, two jobs were lost for every job created under their solar energy program, while in Britain, 3.7 jobs have been lost per “green” job. On the low end, Germany’s wind-power program has cost them only $250,000 for every job created, while the United States spent an astounding $5 million per green job since 2009. These scams have resulted in a net greenhouse-gas reduction of precisely zero.

The NDP would experiment with their green follies using SaskPower, the taxpayer-subsidized Crown corporation, which was recently criticized by the party for constructing a natural gas-powered generation facility. Ironically, under the NDP plan, many more gas plants would be required to supplement every wind and solar facility because of the unreliability of those energy sources.

I doubt the cost of these gas plants will be featured in their election platform. And don’t hold your breath for the NDP to include those costs associated with constructing thousands of kilometres of transmission lines required to support the proposed renewable energy facilities spread across the province.

Predictably, would-be environment minister and rabid anti-nuclear activist Peter Prebble hasn’t included nuclear power as part of his perilous plan. One has to wonder, however, if he also has plans to reduce or eliminate the uranium mining industry in the province as he has advocated in the past.

Given the disaster wrought across the globe when unaffordable and useless renewable energy programs are foisted upon the public, we would be fools to trust the NDP. Their plan would do nothing but satisfy their ideological yearnings while devastating our economy, destroying jobs and threatening our energy security.

UPDATE: The letter was published in the StarPhoenix today. I left out the second-to-last paragraph above to cut down on length as well as it smacked of pecuniary interest on my part as being a worker in the nuclear industry. The rest of the edits, including the odd inclusion of a comma near the end of the published third paragraph, are theirs.

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