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Letter to the Editor

Here’s another letter to the editor, which unfortunately was not published. I assume it’s because I sent it two weeks since my previous one and the paper has a 30-day policy or something. It’s in reference to an article on page A3, “Council fights ‘undercurrent campaign'” from the August 18, 2011 paper.

Mayor Atchinson is concerned that people are “undermining the credibility of city council” when they criticize recent spending on capital projects. Councillor Darren Hill thinks these attacks are “politically motivated” and that “there’s an undercurrent campaign … established to undermine this council,” and he “doesn’t appreciate it.” Coun. Glen Penner laments that “there is a group that doesn’t understand, that doesn’t want to understand” the reasons for these projects.

So what? These gentlemen are in politics. Everything they do – and every response to everything they do – is “politically motivated”. Citizens have a right to “undermine” political decisions with which they don’t agree. In our city council’s non-partisan system, where there is no official opposition status, it is even more important for citizens themselves to scrutinize the efforts of our councillors and demand accountability for spending taxpayer dollars.

I personally support most of the capital projects in the pipeline as well as the mayor and many of our city councillors. However, if this attitude prevails throughout council, I advocate getting rid of the whole bunch and replacing them with a group which recognizes both our right and responsibility to hold them to account.

Or, at least, a group with enough backbone to defend their decisions instead of whining to the newspaper about how no one understands them.

I’m serious about my support for the mayor. He’s a good man, and I think he’s been a good mayor. He just needs to realize that everyone isn’t going to agree with him all the time despite his intentions. In other words, he needs a thicker skin.

As for Hill, he is a whiny little bitch and an acknowledged cheater.

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Letter to the Editor

My apologies. I’ve been out of touch here but the mind has refused to stop working. The Little Perogie just takes up so much of my time—to my delight—and as such I just never get around to updating this silly little narcissistic exercise.

Also, my laptop crashed, resulting in a lengthy and expensive data recovery process.

Oh well. Here’s a recent letter to the editor for you:

When it comes to the debate of Saskatoon’s vision of the future, Gerry Klein wants to “understand the vision before the debate is overtaken by bromides and slogans” (“Don’t let slogans dictate fate,” Aug. 4). Klein then uses bromides (“campaign that is … conducted without regard for its impact on anything other than the bottom line “) and slogans (“minimalist ambitions”) to attack those who are legitimately concerned that the city might be spending beyond its means.

If the city is to attain any vision, it would also require adequate infrastructure, functioning services and a robust economy. After all, even a vision that includes unicorn farms and gumdrop waterfalls would mean little to the person whose suspension is totaled off by a pothole.

Moreover, the visioning debate goes beyond the consultation effort launched by the city last year. It should be an ongoing process which certainly involves more voices than that of a single, patronizing newspaper columnist.

My letter was subsequently published here.
Anyone who has been following Klein’s recent output might also notice his hypocrisy in advocating for such civic improvements as architectural controls, such as those found in Santa Fe, NM of all places, without himself waiting for the visioning process to resolve itself.

Alas. I hope he didn’t take my criticism personally, or at least not as personally as I take his constant small-minded criticism of conservatives as of late.

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