Round 1

I broke a hundred for the first time during my last round of last season. It was a big psychological barrier of mine since I began playing golf on a semi-regular basis five years ago. I had been flirting with that score for a couple of years, once in a while breaking 50 over nine holes but never being consistent enough to follow up on the back nine. Until that last round last year.

This year, my goal is to average a hundred. My first outing, featuring my new set of Taylormade irons, which include a three and four hybrid, occurred last Friday morning at Holiday Park’s back nine. Six-thirty was the tee-time, and no one — save the grounds crew — was on the course.

I shot one-over on seven holes, while I ended up picking up the ball on a par four and par five. The new clubs felt terrific. I was shooting long and straight. I need to work on club selection, but I felt confident. My drive wasn’t too bad but the spring slide was back to its old tricks. I’ll work it out by the summer. My approach chips were shit — I can only work on them more — and my putts were as good as they could get on the rough greens.

52 over nine.

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