The STF and Me

Just found out something cool. ish.

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation—you know, the union of glorified babysitters who somehow believe we should be increasing their salaries to the tune of 12%?—is led by none other than Steve Allen.

My old science teacher.

At least, he was my science teacher for a couple of years (grades 7, 8 and 9) before I left town to attend a private high school at my parents’ expense because my grades, which were in the 90s in grade 6, had fallen to the 60s in grade 9. (Incidentally, I was on the honour roll every term in my new high school and enrolled in engineering school upon graduation.)

My most vivid memory of my hometown high school was that of our “Opportunity Room”. This brilliant tactic was initiated by the one and only Mr. Steve Allen, whereby a naughty little boy or girl would be taken out of a classroom for being naughty and made to sit in this room adjacent to the library. There, with a desk and chair, the student is given an “opportunity” to think about … well, to be honest, I’m not sure what we were supposed to think about. I just thought about girls. Because I was 13.

At the time, the Opportunity Room was the delight of bad kids everywhere and a mockery for everyone else. I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would have thought it would have been a deterrent for bad behavior, but then, I’m probably not progressive enough.

Anyway, that’s who’s heading up the teachers federation. Steve “Opportunity Room” Allen.

That said, he is a nice guy, if a little too devoted to the David Suzukis of the world. I wish him luck in getting roasted over the coals by pissed off parents who can’t land daycare during the looming teachers strike.

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