Diversion Averted

Hello. Hi there! How are ya?

I’m back from a personal and professional diversion, a misforay of an attempt to gain political office. I ran for the nomination for the Sask Party,  learning many important and strategic lessons on how to get elected, not the least of which is the foolishness of campaigning ethically.


Fortunately, this gives me more time to espouse what I really think about issues rather than simply spout off pre-approved talking points twittered from head office.

Take this project. Had I been nominated, I wouldn’t have said much about it other than it’s a terrific way to cut our carbon footprint while generating clean electricity.

Now, I can say that this is an enormous waste of money spent by a crown corporation which by all rights should be auctioned off on the free market as soon as humanly possible.

See? I feel better already.

Anyway, blogging will be more prolific from here on out, until at least I go on vacation this summer.

Stop by more often, won’t you?

And leave a comment to let me know you’re here.

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