Nuke Rebuke

There’s plenty of information out there on the Fukishima Daiichi nuclear reactor plant in the wake of last week’s horrible earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan. Unfortunately, most of this information I’ve seen tends to be of the sensationalist or inflammatory bent.

Full disclosure: I work in the nuclear energy industry, and I’ve found the following sites to be the most useful.

The best information I’ve come across is that from the Nuclear Energy Institute website. They’ve been really good at avoiding the speculation and offering meaningful, up-to-date info. The Tepco website is also pretty decent, but you might want to consider the source.

From the MSM side, Reuters probably is the most comprehensive, although I’ve seen some conflicting information from them too.

There are plenty of fact sheets out there on the situation. The best one I found this morning is from Clive Cookson, although it might already be out of date.

And this article, from Rob Breakenridge’s twitter feed, makes a convincing case that we should think twice before thinking twice about the safety of nuclear energy.

In short, there’s plenty of information to go around. I only recommend to read from a broad range of sources and then lean toward believing those of a slightly less catastrophic tone.

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