The Schoolyard Taunt Solution to Obesity

We live in the only society in the history of mankind where having too much cheap, available food is considered a problem. Ergo, the food police.

Here’s Les MacPherson:

Whether a fat tax actually would reduce obesity, no one knows. I’d bet against it. We probably will just eat the tax along with everything else. We might even cut back at the grocery store on fresh fruit and vegetables to compensate for the higher cost of junk foods. It’s a huge science experiment that’s being proposed here, with us as the guinea pigs. The only certain result from a fat tax would be government getting fatter at the expense of taxpayers, most of whom, incidentally, are not obese.

There would also be problems determining what would qualify as taxable junk foods. Everything except parsley, brown rice and root vegetables, some health crusaders would argue. If that doesn’t bring down obesity rates, they’ll drop the brown rice exemption.

A friend of mine has what he thinks is a better idea: Instead of taxing some of the foods that may or may not make some of us obese, why not impose a tax directly on the obese? This tax would only be collected from individuals deemed by health authorities to be overweight. It’s a brutally honest approach that strips away all the excess packaging to expose within this health crusade the dark heart of a schoolyard bully, picking on the fat kid. That’s why health crusaders prefer the more indirect approach of pushing around all of us in the food line.

If fat-kid-targeting bullies use the excuse that obesity increases pressures on the public health system, there is an easy solution: allow for privatized health insurance.

As Kathy Shaidle would say, these people aren’t smart enough to tell me how to live.

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