Leader Wanted

If the U of S were looking for some truly inspirational leadership for their beleaguered conference, maybe they should have looked closer to home.

Especially because he seems to have a bit more time on his hands now:

After more than a decade at the helm, University of Saskatchewan president Peter MacKinnon is resigning effective June 30, 2012.

“There is never a great time for this kind of change,” said MacKinnon, 63.

“So one must look for a good time and I feel this is it. The University of Saskatchewan is in the hands of very capable leaders at the board of governors level, among senior administrators and within our various colleges, and we are experiencing a period of unprecedented growth and momentum. All of these factors combined give me confidence that the timing of my decision is right.”

I had the pleasure of serving on the U of S Students Union executive when Peter was inducted as president in 1999. The highlight of my brief relationship was winning numerous points in the Orientation leaders’ scavenger hunt one evening when I was able to procure Peter’s bathrobe, to the chagrin of other participants. The low point, on the other hand, has to be when I observed Peter and USSU President Sean Junor serenade us with an unfortunate rendition of “I Got You Babe” at Whiskey Jack’s karaoke club [shiver].

He is a great asset to the university and will be missed. Whoever replaces him will have great, big, cyclotronic shoes to fill.

Good luck, Peter, in all your future endeavors.

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