A Lot Left to Learn

In their annual attempt to pry corporate dollars for small returns, the University of Saskatchewan is hosting its 2011 “Learn to Lead” conference. Among offerings at this event comes this little gem:

Making Sense Of The Future-Turning The Conversation
Ian Wallace and Aileen Gibb – The Dream Organization

This interactive workshop introduces The Archegyre, an original model that enables leaders to engage in deep and powerful self-dialogue.  It reveals the energies that drive decisions, how to authentically express these in leadership and how to make better sense of the future.  Expect fun activity an deep learning, based on over 30 years research and presented here as a world first.

Sounds informative and in no way flaky whatsoever, eh?

It gets better. Alleged drunk driver FSIN Chief Guy Lonechild is one of the keynote speakers (though, to his credit, he’s their top draw).

If you register now you can save $50 off the general registration fee, which sounds like a great deal until you learn that the early-bird registration is a stunning $645.

On a completely unrelated note, I received an email yesterday morning notifying me that the early-bird registration has been pushed back to March 11 from March 4.

By yesterday afternoon, early-bird registration was moved again to March 31.

And so, besides the ridiculous workshop topics, the lack of recognizable or credible names, and a fee that cannot be justified, I’m sure it will be a terrific event.

I hope both participants enjoy themselves.

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