Communications Fail

From Saskatoon’s Newstalk 650:

Some people in Saskatoon are complaining that their mail delivery has been suffering because there are fewer carriers covering the same number of routes.

Canada Post won’t say it’s short-staffed, but does confirm that a lot of workers are taking holidays or staying home sick these days. Kathi Neal with Canada Post admits they’ve had to resort to the odd Saturday delivery to make up for that.

“That is not common. You know, our job is to get the mail out within our service standards, so when we find that we have a lot of people away, we will offer our employees overtime,” Neal explained Wednesday.

Bullshit. Since moving to the boonies last year, we get mail delivered once or twice a week. We still haven’t figured out the schedule yet, but we have learned that it is a waste a time to check for it everyday. What’s worse is that we don’t even get doorstep delivery; we are blessed with the neighbourhood communal post boxes, which one would think would make it easier for Canada Post to deliver the goods on a daily basis. Alas, we’ve begun to refer to the service as the Pony Express, har-de-har-har.

Therefore, when complaints on poor postal delivery service arise, I tend to not adhere to the “temporary delays due to the season” variety.

I predict that Canada Post will have to go back on these statements and provide a little more clarity on their hasty excuses. Good.


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