Recognition Tradition

Bronwyn Eyre of the StarPhoenix, in her annual (I guess) reader feedback column, mentioned yours truly for a letter I wrote a few months back. She writes:

Of course, advocating any, even an exploratory, return to DDT, as I did in an August column, earns you about as many friends as advocating 2,4-D against dandelions.

For example, Greg Rooke of the Saskatchewan Environmental Society took issue with my statement that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency considers 2,4-D safe (“the PMRA has never stated 2,4-D is safe, only that it poses an ‘acceptable risk’ “).

However, Rob Huck wrote to say the PMRA’s classification system is limited to the terms “acceptable” or “unacceptable.” To the PMRA, Huck said, “there’s no such thing as ‘safe.’ “

Just a point of clarification. I don’t know if the PMRA is limited only to the terms “acceptable” or “unacceptable.”¬† I apologize for making myself sound like an authority in pesticide use. Then again, neither is Greg Rooke.

That said, when a regulatory body says that a particular man-made product or activity poses an acceptable risk, they’re essentially saying it’s pretty much safe. Remember that the next time the Saskatchewan Environmental Society tells you something.

Better yet, ignore the SES altogether.

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