Letter to the Editor

Paul Hanley is the StarPhoenix’s answer to David Suzuki, except without the charm. Thankfully, the SP editors have banished him to the netherworld of the back pages, as placing him in the Forum section would likely see the subscribers revolt like Romanians on Ceausescu.

This letter was in response to Hanley’s awful suggestion to move toward One World governance. Normally, when I succumb to name-calling in my public letters, I feel kind of bad afterward, but I make an exception to the likes of Hanley. I can’t stand Green Lefties who don’t know they’re Commies.

Re: “Copenhagen underlines limits of nationalism” Paul Hanley, December 22, 2009

Paul Hanley writes, “A world federal state would have the time and resources to represent the interests of humanity. It could oversee the global commons, regulate international trade and finance and mediate international conflicts.” Spoken like a true comrade.

As with the United Nations, a “world federal state” would be dominated by the likes of the European Union (governed by unelected bureaucrats), Communist China, those glorious and progressive liberal democracies in the Middle East and Africa, and a myriad of other failed nations who wish to extort the West out of our earned wealth.

And people wonder why some global warming “sceptics” believe that international love-ins like Copenhagen are nothing more than a socialist conspiracy aimed at eliminating Western capitalist and democratic institutions.

No thanks. In developing Canadian environmental policy, I prefer our sometimes silly – but ultimately accountable – elected parliamentarians over self-anointed watermelons like Hanley and David Suzuki (green on the outside, red in the middle).

When our national government and their expensive, intrusive policies aimed at “representing the interests of humanity” inevitably fail to meet their objectives, we can at least vote the bums out.

Rob Huck

Saskatoon, SK

The letter was published, and the letters editor even allowed the term “watermelon” in the title header, God bless him.


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