Letter to the Editor

Here, I attack Pamela Jordan, who signed her name with “Associate Professor of History, U of S,” as if to say her opinions are somehow made more valid because of her occupation. A glimpse of her university webpage shows that her field of expertise is with 20th-century totalitarianism, hence the jibe in my second paragraph.

Pamela Jordan, an associate professor of history, writes in her letter that John Gormley “is advancing his own right-wing agenda” through his defence of President George W. Bush (“Bush Hardly Vindicated”, Letters, October 30). Jordan then accuses Bush of damaging “the U.S. economy, working families, climate change policy, Iraqis, and other vulnerable people.”

One would hope that a history professor would at least be capable enough to distinguish the difference between the actions of a democratically-elected president of one of our closest allies in removing two of the most vile regimes on earth, and those 20th-century totalitarian governments that inflicted very real and consequential damage on human rights, the economy and the environment.

Which raises the question: is the associate professor advancing her own “left-wing agenda” through her work at the U of S?

Rob Huck

Saskatoon, SK

This letter was published but I believe the last line was edited out—naturally, of course, as “right-wing agendas” need to be exposed, while “left-wing agendas” are merely “part of the curriculum”.

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