Letter to the Editor

This one from November still exists online.

In hearing the horrible story about the search for an abandoned baby in the city landfill, a moral person might be inclined to wonder if we have, say, sufficient local family services or unplanned pregnancy programs in this town that could help prevent a tragedy like this occurring again. Connie Albrook’s first thought is toward our supposed lack of recycling (letters, November 8), which is as disgusting as it is revealing of the environmental movement’s too-often misanthropic worldview. To amoral people like Abrook, humans are parasites whose issues must be relegated behind those of the environment.

We as citizens ought to reduce waste in our lives, but we should never lose sight of our humanity. Before expensive and inefficient environmental programs are implemented, I encourage proponents to recognize that our monetary resources might be better used toward alleviating the many outstanding social issues in our community. Or, at least, perhaps they could show some compassion for someone other than themselves.

Robert Huck

Saskatoon, SK

While you can, check out what I wrote to them on November 8 and what they published the next day. In particular, note that it was edited to make it seem like I’m saying that the environmental movement itself  “sees humans as parasites” when in fact I was referring to Connie Abrook (is that a man or a woman?) and other amoral people.

Whether that was intentional—that they were trying to take out the personal attack or trying to make me look like even more of an asshole—I cannot say, but it’s typical of the letter editor to change the emphasis of my letters.

Oh well.

UPDATE: Case in point,  from Tim Blair, here’s a 2009 piece that explains it better than I ever could.

The truth is, environmentalists are just not attractive. They’re not winning, engaging, amusing or empathetic. They are ranty, repetitive, patronising, demanding, deaf, weirdly bonkers and smelly. Environmentalists are the nutters with degrees in composting who sit next to you on the bus. But that’s not their real impediment. The real killer thing is the schadenfreude: the naked, transparent, hand-rubbing glee with which they pass on every shame, sadness and terror. No disaster is too appalling or imminent that the green movement can’t caper and keen with a messianic glee.


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