Letter to the Editor

If you want to know what is in the New York Times on Sunday, read the StarPhoenix editorial on Monday.

This is from September 2010.I wish I could find the original piece online. It was a doozy.

To understand why newspaper readership is declining all across the continent, look no further than the SP September 1 editorial that laments the declining popularity of President Obama.

The slanted propaganda piece characterizes conservative opposition to the president as nothing more than simple-minded bigotry rather than legitimate concerns over trillion-dollar deficits and the ballooning state apparatus. Leftist criticisms, however, are apparently limited to one of principle over Obama’s neglect to release Omar Khadr.

The story describes Khadr as a “cowering” boy who “remarkably survived” American soldiers who were “executing combatants.” Among other omissions, there was no mention of the radicalized Khadr’s involvement in the gunfight or how he threw a grenade that killed an American medic coming to treat him. He “remarkably survived” only because other American medics saved his life.

The editorial board also gives Obama credit for removing combat troops in Iraq but neglected to say that he was able to do so only because of President Bush’s surge strategy, which Obama opposed.

I suggest that the SP editors stop relying solely on New York Times for their inspiration. Not only would they shed some of their regurgitated hard-left commentary that mocks half their readership, they might even learn to spell Glenn Beck’s name correctly.

Rob Huck

Saskatoon, SK

Unpublished, once again.
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