Letter to the Editor

From June 10, 2010:

In his letter regarding the prospective Sun TV News channel (Letters, June 25), Russell Lahti claims that he”yearns for civility in politics”. He then expresses his civility by referring to Harper’s Tories as “Canada’s most economically, socially and ideologically regressive government ever” and that Kory Teneycke will bring an “ultraconservative, right-wing perspective” to Sun TV.

Leave aside, if you will, the hypocrisy of using intolerance towards ideologically opposed viewpoints as a means to illustrate one’s more tolerant “civility,” and let us focus on a more serious matter.

I’m told we live in a  free society and thus ostensibly are allowed to hold viewpoints that might differ from others. This is a good thing. Progress in society comes from people thinking differently and then hashing out their differences, not from cookie-cutter commentators regurgitating tired old mantras.

There is nothing “civil” in disallowing different ideas and opinions, especially in our media. To do so is to take one more step toward an Orwellian future.

Sun TV ought to be allowed to air, not because of alleged “political connections”, but because a variance of perspectives on issues of the day is a sign of a healthy, confident civilization.

And if you disagree with me, you are obviously an intolerant jerk.

Rob Huck


I actually liked this letter, but I had it redacted because of the last line. It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek but upon reflection I wasn’t sure it read that way.

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