Letter to the Editor

I like Les MacPherson. He’s the best columnist in the StarPhoenix by a long shot, but sometimes he’s off the mark.

This letter had less to do with Les (har de har har), and more to do with the editorial board, which often digs itself into the left-wing meme of the day. Too often they fall into the trap of repeating the opinions of the New York Times nearly verbatim. Why, I’ll never know, but I venture to guess it has something to do with the NYT’s Sunday crossword.

Les MacPherson believes that newspapers are losing money because of the internet (“Time for newspapers to pull plug on web,” March 23). However, if Les would simply go to the back of the paper and read the editorial, he might have a different theory. The editorial states as fact that “Newt Gingrich … was being prescient as he was disturbing in predicting that health care will destroy Obama’s Democrats in much the same way that championing civil rights destroyed their party under Lyndon Johnson” (“Rancorous fight over health care will dog Obama”, March 23). In fact, Gingrich was referring to Johnson’s Great Society medley of programs, not the civil rights act, which held far more bipartisan support than the recently deemed ObamaCare bill. More to the point, Gingrich was right — the Democrats were held out of the White House in five of the next six elections.

If MacPherson wants to save the newspaper industry, he could start by suggesting the StarPhoenix hire some fact-checkers, and that they avoid re-printing erroneous commentary propagated by the likes of the New York Times’ Paul Krugman.

Rob Huck

Saskatoon, SK

Again, this letter was never published.


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