Letter to the Editor

While I have been on blogging hiatus pretty much since I moved  backed to Saskatoon, I often couldn’t help spouting off my viewpoints in public forums. This has primarily taken the form of my letters to the editors of the StarPhoenix, which not only inserted a desperately needed conservative voice to the paper, but also generously supplied the paper with many lines of free copy upon which to overlay the messages of their advertisers. Goody for  me.

I thought it prudent to archive my letters on this site, which will not only put them down in the digital record, but (of course) supply this site with many lines of free copy upon which to overlay the messages of my advertisers, of which there are currently none.

Again, goody for  me.

This is the first letter I can find, dated January 14, 2009.

Re: “Exploiting Sask. gone too far,” January 14

To summarize Murray Mandryk’s latest effort: “Gimme gimme gimme.” Welcome to the world of success in a socialized democracy. Mandryk complains that Saskatchewan isn’t getting recognition for successful fiscal performance — as if that should surprise anyone covering Saskatchewan politics at any time during the past 60 years. Except he’s wrong that Saskatchewan isn’t receiving any federal infrastructure monies. Does Mandryk seriously believe that the Alberta Clipper pipeline (number 6 on the list) will somehow stop at the Saskatchewan border and magically transport natural gas to Wisconsin via, say, teleportation? And how does he think Saskatoon is going to finance the Circle Drive south bridge? By issuing municipal bonds securitized through snarky political commentary?

Rob Huck

Saskatoon, SK

I cannot find the link to the published letter.

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