Letter to the Editor

Another one, dated April 13, 2009, where I incredulously agree with Saskatoon’s resident conspiracy theorist of the wacko left, Joe Kuchta.

I couldn’t agree more with Joe Kuchta (“A secret betrayal”, Letters, April 13, 2009) with regard to the complete lack of public consultation leading up to the April 3 annoucement that River Landing will be home to the new Art Gallery of Saskatchewan. While I can see the need for a new art gallery, and support the project in principle, I am very disappointed at the secretive nature of the bidding process, especially when it involves $55 million of taxpayer money.

Prior to this unveiling, I had been expecting some opportunity for the public to express their support for any potential project that would centrepiece the new riverfront walkway. I, for one, had hoped to be able to present a case in support of the bid for the Children’s Discovery Museum in that space. However, I understand now that my voice — and that of others — will go unheard and, apparently, unwanted.

It is a shame that the River Landing project, which has been so successful in so many ways, will exhibit the stain of secrecy upon its otherwise noble legacy.


Rob Huck

Saskatoon, SK

Yes, that’s right. I went there.

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