Letter to the Editor

This letter,  I believe, was my first one published in the StarPhoenix:

Re: Railway reluctant to leave downtown, March 18, 2009
The national railway companies must think of Saskatoon residents as a cackle of ignorant prairie rubes. Otherwise, why else would they be so dismissive of plans to develop and reinvigorate the city’s north downtown on the grounds that it would “disrupt its business in the city.” Know what else disrupts business in this city? A freight train that crawls through major transportation corridors during rush hour.
Time has come for the rail companies to recognize Saskatoon as the province’s major urban hub and centre of economic activity. Moving the tracks outside the city core is not a matter of “if” but of “when”.
The sooner the rail companies can agree with this sentiment, the sooner Sasktoon’s economic and transporation strategies can enter the 21st century.
Rob Huck
Saskatoon, SK
Again, the StarPhoenix do not publicly archive their stories after a year or more. I wish they would.
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