Letter to the Editor

Another letter, from February 2009.

RE: “A new home for Khadr,” Letters, January 30, 2009
Letter contributor Blair Woolf writes that he would happily offer the suspected al-Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr to come and live with him. Setting aside the remote possibility that the son of Osama bin Laden’s confidante would even want to live in the home of an infidel, I have to advise Mr. Woolf to be cautious if young Omar ever needs medical attention. Sgt. Christopher Speer, a medic with American Special Operations, learned this the hard way and received the brunt force of a grenade as a result. Perhaps Mr Woolf would like to contact Sgt Speer’s surviving family to help himself in forming a better understanding of the consequences of his obviously disingenuous offer.
Rob Huck
Saskatoon, SK

Link to Woolf’s letter and my own is not found.

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